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How to Cure Dryness


Let me cut to the chase - yes, urea is the main ingredient in urine.  But there is no need to be grossed out or upset that you are applying urine to your skin.  The urea in skin care products is made in a lab.  And before you think that you can get the same skin benefits of urea by just applying your pee to your skin - think again.  Topically applying your urine to your skin is not going to be as effective as using a product with urea in it.

In this case DIYing your skin care is not a great option.

The Amazing Things Urea Can Do For Dry Skin

Urea occurs naturally in our skin and makes up part of the outermost layer of our skin where it helps maintain soft, smooth, and moist skin.  When it comes to skin care products urea actually has more than a few functions:

As a moisturizing ingredient or humectant -  urea helps to bind water to the skin.  When it comes to your skin this means that urea helps to moisturize your skin and keep your skin soft and smooth.

Helps to strengthen the skin's barrier function - this means that urea helps your skin heal and stay healthy.  If you have cracked and dry skin this means that your skin is not functioning properly and doing its important job of protecting your body.  Urea helps to restore that essential skin function.

Helps to exfoliate the skin - urea makes it less easy for skin cells to stick together which means they can be broken up more easily.  By being broken up more easily the dead skin cells can be whisked off the skin and new, healthy skin cells can be exposed.

Urea works well with other skin care ingredients.  By adding urea to a moisturizer along with other great skin care ingredients like lactic acid or salicylic acid these skin care ingredients can work better to smooth and moisturize skin.  This makes urea a wonderful addition to any skin care product that wants to treat very dry skin.

Urea can speed up wound healing. This characteristic is essential for skin that has been compromised by cold weather for instance. 

There is one thing to keep in mind when it comes to urea - there are some people who experience skin irritation from repeated use of products with urea.  If you experience any irritation when using a product with urea stop using the product immediately.

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How to Cure Dryness


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