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How to Age with Grace


All of us would be happy to age gracefully.  But just what causes our skin to age and how can we keep it looking young?  Make sure that you get the facts about skin aging instead of believing the myths. Read to below to get the skinny of how our skin really ages.

If Your Mother Doesn't Have Wrinkles Neither Will You

Or the reverse - if your mother has wrinkles you will get them too.  Neither of these ideas about skin aging are true.  Everyone's skin ages differently.  Yes, genetics can play a role, though a small one, in how our skin ages.  Most of how your skin ages is connected to how you care for your skin and how much sun exposure you experience and not your genes.  If you live in a very polluted area and love to spend time at the beach you can be sure that this will show up in your skin in the form on wrinkles and dark spots.  The opposite is also true - if your mother smoked and you do not you can be sure that your skin will look less wrinkled than her skin.

Overall lifestyle habits plan a larger role in skin aging than genetics.   

Moisturizer Stops Wrinkles From Forming

Everyone needs a good moisturizer; even people with oily or acne prone skin can benefit from the right moisturizer.  While moisturizer does a lot of great things for our skin - helping our skin to stay hydrated and smooth for instance - it does not prevent wrinkles.  In order to prevent wrinkles you need to use sunscreen daily, lead a healthy lifestyle, and use an antioxidant serum.  Moisturizer can lessen the appearance of wrinkles because it will temporarily plump the skin.  So do not get confused - while your beloved moisturizer is necessary for maintaining beautiful skin it will not prevent those wrinkles from forming.  

Most Sun Damage Happens Before You Are 18

This is one of those persistent skin care myths that never seems to go away.  I have even heard people say that 80% of our sun damage happens before age 18.  It turns out that only about 20% of the sun damage to our skin happens before age 18.  This is great news because it means we have a lot of control over how our skin ages and looks.  By using sunscreen daily (even on cloudy days), lessening stress in your life, maintaining good skincare habits like removing all your make-up at night, and using products with retinol and antioxidants to lessen the sun damage you have already have you can have great looking skin.  Be sure to find a sunscreen that you like and use it daily.  Remember to also reapply sunscreen throughout the day in order to always have sun protection.

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